Misaal-Haq Ka Sathi

An initiative to multiply Misaal’s model of empowerment using
mobile technology to make information available and accessible
to those from the disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Our Vision

To make Misaal: Haq ka Saathi, the preferred platform/gateway for the poor to not only access information and guidance but also for transactions – applying for public and private support; buying mobile credit, education inputs for their children, or other goods and services they use. The possibilities are endless!

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Where We Are

The beta version of Misaal: Haq ka Saathi is live and we are doing a pilot in 22 villages/sites in the Atarra block of Banda district (Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh). Our objective is to observe and document app user behavior, impact and satisfaction levels; and based on that as well as on more direct user feedback,, we aim refine the app (scope, functionalities, ease of use/navigation..) to enable it to better meet user needs and priorities.

Here is the information on all pro-poor public schemes,
programmes and laws

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