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  • Misaal Taleem

    Misaal’s inception is rooted in the experience gained through the work with the victims of Muzaffarnagar riots in 2014. It started off as an attempt to reorganize the communities by developing local level leadership within the community and reinstalling the lost faith in the system and encouraging the assertion of rights and entitlements. Misaal fellowship was started to promote such local leaders who were trying to support and help their own community to overcome day to day issues and problems and at the same time guiding for better socio-economic status. With the progress on the field level and our engagement for more than one year, it was realized that connecting with schemes and ensuring entitlements was helpful to a certain extent. We saw it as an “ointment” which helped in healing, but wasn’t the actual thing that was required to bring real change. We also realized through ...
  • Misaal National Resource Centre

    Misaal’s Delhi-based hub ‘Misaal National Resource Centre’ (NRC), envisaged as the management and capacity brains of the programme, was launched in December 2015 at India Islamic Centre in New Delhi.
  • Misaal Rozgaar

    Misaal Rozgaar is an attempt to develop sustainable models of livelihood generation for weaker sections who are stuck in the cycle of being dependent on labour work.
About Organization

Misaal ('Example', A 'Model', 'Paragon', in Hindustani) is a national network of activist volunteers, community based organisations, social enterprises, research centres, advocacy groups, and concerned citizens’ groups, local and national, working with and for marginalized communities and other weaker sections, minorities, dalits and adivasis – to enable change. Misaal is housed in Aman Biradari – Centre for Equity Studies, New Delhi.

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